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James Joyce

A presentation of content, context, and comprehension of Irish author James Joyce's short story "Araby" from the published short story collection entitled "Dubliners" which illustrates the ordinary lives of the Irish people in the 1910's.


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Characters Edit

Narrator Edit

The Narrator is a young boy who lives at the blind end of North Richmond street with his Aunt and Uncle. He is infatuated with his friend's (Mangan) older sister.

The Dead Priest Edit

The Dead Priest is the previous owner of the house where the Narrator now lives. He is mentioned briefly in the beginning of the story.

Mangan Edit

The Narrator's friend, with whom he attends school.

Mangan's Sister Edit

The older sister of Mangan, with whom the narrator is infatuated. Mangan's sister cannot attend the bazaar, which prompts the Narrator to go for her.

Narrator's Aunt Edit

The Aunt is the Guardian of the narrator, and seems particularly fond of him.

Narrator's Uncle Edit

The Uncle is also the guardian of the narrator, and is a very busy, forgetful man.

Mrs. Mercer Edit

A pawnbroker's wife mentioned briefly in the story who stops in on an errand to see the narrator's uncle

The Two Gentlemen and The Lady Edit

The two gentlemen accompany the lady at the bazaar who is selling wares. They are chatting while the other shops close when the narrator arrives.

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